1907 – 1914 - Paris

  • When in 1907 Mirra returned to Paris, Théon accompanied her. While at sea they were assailed by a violent storm. The sea became very rough with high waves and the ship was tossed about so badly that the passengers got panicky. Théon looked at Mirra and asked her to stop it and She did it using occult power.
  • After her return from Algeria, Mirra started another study group called ‘Cosmique’ with twelve dedicated members. She gave a talk to this group on “What is the aim to be achieved, the work to be done, and the means of achievement.” She spoke of the New Consciousness, which has to be brought down and of founding collectively an ideal society, in a place suited to the flowering of the new race, that of the ‘Sons of God’. Mirra was only thirty-four.